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“In support of your vibrant health and well-being, I offer space to partner in creating optimal practices, movement and understanding on your journey to your best self. I offer a variety of movement, energetic and manual modalities in conjunction with the highest levels of information, support, appropriate choices, growth and creativity to empower your understanding, enjoyment, safety and ownership as we explore and refine the optimal practices of your individual health needs and goals.  My belief is that every person is valuable and perfect. It is an honor to be entrusted with you and your body as well as to be in partnership around your care, well-being and overall health.”

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“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well”

~ Hippocrates

Darya has a unique ability to identify and correct problem areas even when I’m unaware of them. Her gentle, effective approach to fitness has helped me increase strength and flexibility and her caring nature makes it enjoyable.
~ Susan Engles

Darya Bronston has been giving me massages for over 13 years. Over the years she has helped me through major surgeries and illnesses. She seems to know exactly where my body needs her massage skills to relieve my pain and discomfort. She is a true healer. I am very fortunate to have her as my massage therapist.
~ Carlene Van Pelt

My work with Darya is an outstanding experience. She’s highly intuitive, exceptionally sensitive to you as a person – it’s not just a rote routine with her. She listens and hears you, and really takes the energy to know you and what you need. Darya has an endless database in her of exercises and it’s never a dull or repetitive workout or massage – OMG – her massage is transportive, I can hardly drive after a massage from her. It’s SO refreshing to work with someone who genuinely cares about you and your wellbeing, she’s very unique in that way as well.
~ Lynette La Mere

Darya is caring, compassionate, and personally invested in her clients’ healing and well-being. Darya is extremely knowledgeable in physiology and anatomy and is excellent at communicating with her clients prior to their treatments to focus on problem areas.But, the most amazing thing about Darya is that she has an uncanny empathetic ability to intuitively “listen” to a person’s body to identify problem areas unlike any body worker that I have ever worked with. I am very grateful that I found Darya and believe that she is one of the most talented and knowledgeable massage therapists in the Santa Barbara area.
~ Doug Zanini

Darya is one of the very few massage therapists with whom I trade. She is attentive, intuitive, and very present in her work. She never has an agenda – she listens to what my body is calling for and speaks directly to where I am on any given day. Although she has the ability to do deep tissue work, she respects my request for lighter touch and is quite adept at working energetically when that is what is needed.
~ Ruth Alpert

Darya has a unique ability to KNOW your problem areas—without you telling her! After the analysis and discussion with you, Darya uses her unique skills to soothe those pains and aches and you leave an energized and relaxed person. Darya’s mantra is ‘I Care about you’ and she personifies this daily!
~ Steve Engles

Little did I know that I would find myself on the receiving end of an experience that encompassed the body work I was seeking and so much more! Darya is sensitive, intuitive, gentle in spirit and strong in touch. The time we spend together is totally focused on my full well-being. I am cared for in ways that go beyond a “service rendered.”Darya genuinely cares about her clients. She shares wisdom and gives support and guidance that prove invaluable. I refer all my family and friends to her. There is truly no one like her, she is a gift to anyone who works with her.
~ Renee Alexandre

I hate to be simplistic, but when it comes to massage and body work Darya is the BEST.  She does not just focus on the areas that present tight, she is able to identify drivers to dysfunction so you aren’t just chasing pain around your body.  Darya is able to work with your nervous system and  has an amazing ability to follow the tissue and let it change happen under her hands.  Then after a beautiful shift occurs she uses movement to help the brain and body integrate the change for lasting results.  The only bad thing I can say about Darya is that she has ruined massages for me, because after working with her every massage fails in comparison.  Working with Darya will be the best decision you make.
~ Meghann Koppele Duffy

Darya is by far the best body worker I have ever had the pleasure of working with! Her intuitive style and healing energy is beyond any type of body work I have had in the past…Getting body work from Darya has catapulted to become a high priority for me. I leave feeling 1000% better and more integrated with my body, mind and spirit. She is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of anatomy, movement and knows the science behind what she’s doing.I adore her and can’t have her on my calendar enough!
~ Sara Caputo View All Posts